About Us

I am Shefali Mishra

Living the typical life of a 20 something girl in a big city .. Stumbling through the many phases of adulthood,  friendship , love for sex & the city (SATC lol!) and all things fun & fabulous inspire me to keep going everyday. 


Shefali being the quintessential Delhi girl has always had a bold , chic , urban outlook towards fashion. However she loves exploring  contrasting identities every now and then , fashion is so vast there is always something new to try ! She has been a vegan  for almost 3 years and actively works for animal welfare.

Sass & the city quite literally emerged from my everyday misfortunes as I try to be the perfect versions of myself be it in attire or attitude. As my experiences grew vivid ,I decided to share them with everyone like us going through the “stress” of satisfying their hearts .I aim at building a platform for women to freely share all our dilemmas ranging from manicures to men and everything in between and ultimately lift each other up with sass !

Through SATC we bring you a collage of all our musings in fashion , lifestyle , music and everything else that excites us in life .We hope you enjoy indulging with us as much as we enjoy sharing our perspectives with you .


Welcome !



PC:Issac Perika

Shot @ Room Therapy , Hyderabad