Season’s must have

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This season baby doll dress is one of the key styles.

Lets actually know what it is and its journey to awesome; it started out as a short night gown invented by a designer Sylvia Pedlar in 1942 as a means of working with fabric shortage during WWII. A version for kids was also created, length was kept short so kids have their nappies changed with ease.

In the 60s and 70s they were adopted as day wear, although they lost a lot  of their negligee look, they are still characterised as something a child or doll would wear. But the current incarnations have more of a 60s vibe than Lolita weirdness. Its evolved and grown and we unarguably look cute in them.

At the top of our list for the trend of the season is pink, as candy pink, baby pink, deep cherry, and raspberry provide a sweet new way to see fashion through rose tinted glass. I am wearing a bold floral (this season’s current obsession) baby pink dress and i have teamed it up with classic nude pumps.

They are my personal favourite and a lot of its appeal comes from the fact that they are so easy wear – don’t need to fry your brain over what to wear with em. You can tone down its girliness by a notch by pairing it up with boots.

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Bling on the New Year !



As december fades ,the holiday season peaks on New Year’s eve before we begin another hopeful year. Love the way fashion adapts each year to bring back old like brand new . What started centuries ago as a way of safe keeping valuable coins by stitching them onto clothes , sequins have gradually evolved into the definition of bling. From king tut of Egypt to the king of pop Michael jackson , sequins have ruled them all .

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Dress Up and Show Up !

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As the year end approaches , weekends become long and eventful with a whole bunch of things to do , people to meet and places to go . Most of us cling to our BFFs to scurry through malls , boutiques and closets till we find the perfect outfits . For our first blog we decided to pick out our favourite pieces for some of the more subtle occasions of this party season .

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